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The aviation legend

The aviation legend

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The VFW 614- Story
The story
The VFW 614 is the first twin-engine commercial aircraft, developed and series-built in the Federal Republic of Germany. The company Flugtechnische Werke, VFW GmbH, based in Bremen, started the development program …

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Hot sections perfectly painted

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Hot sections perfectly painted

Hot colors

It’s incredible, how fast time flies. 12 years ago I wrote an article for the JetPower about the painting of annealing colors, referring to the BVM F-100. The painting and grinding technique I presented at that time, has been used often by some of you, creating beautiful results. I was sent many photos of the painted models and also saw many on the internet or on flight days. Especially the areas around the engines or jet nozzles are often the centre of attraction and make the model look more vibrant and alive. I think, after 10 years, it’s time for an update. The possibilities of the colors have developed and so has my experience. I would like to share all of that with you. Read the full story »

Shadow becomes light

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Shadow becomes light

Lambert Kolibri turbines
In the last issue of the JETPOWER I reported about the models Stinger and Kolibri Jet from Minijets. Both models have in common, that I have installed the T-35 Kolibri turbines from Martin …

A small full-GRP jet from Minijets

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A small full-GRP jet from Minijets

The Kolibri Jet
My friend Torsten wanted to show me something at the JetPower Fair 2015. We went to see the Minijets booth and there it was: the Kolibri jet, in my eyes it looked like …

JetPower archiv 2017

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Coming up in the current 
JetPower 01/2017

Scene talk and news
Open your eyes
Trust is good, weighing is better
Welcome to Anji
1st Asian Jet Formation Cup
Bluetooth adapter from Xicoy
Turbine launching with your smartphone
Three-axis stabilising system from bavarianDEMON
The power …

The powerful EDF from Schübeler

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The powerful EDF from Schübeler

Impeller DS-215- DIA HST
The history
If you want to take a look at the story about how practicable impeller systems for the uncomplicated model use have been developed over time, you will have to go back …

demon on board – CORTEXpro

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demon on board – CORTEXpro

The three-axis stabilising system from bavarianDEMON
Due to its surface geometry, the large B-2 Spirit from Wolfgang Vallant turned out to be almost non-flyable. When taking-off and landing, it’s inclined to break out and is also …

Turbine launching via smartphone

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Turbine launching via smartphone

Bluetooth adapter from Xicoy
Who is not familiar with this situation? When booting the turbine, the connecting cable between ECU and terminal gets in the way and has to be removed after the warm-up of the …

New year – new design!

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New year – new design!

JetPower in new clothes
From the next issue onwards, the JetPower will be published in a new design. It needed a little facelift after five years. After all, we want it to look as fresh and …

The small Power Manager

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The small  Power Manager

PowerBox Systems Mercury SRS
Having switched to the Jeti DC-16 transmitter, Erich Bäcker went on a hunt for new receivers, a gyroscope and a power supply for his CARF J-10. So, the Mercury SRS from PowerBox …

The first jet fighter of the US-Navy

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The first jet fighter of the US-Navy

North American FJ-1 Fury
The history of the FJ-1 Fury
The F-J was developed in the mid 1940, when the first turbine-driven fighter planes were built in series. It was manufactured in accordance to US-Navy specifications, demanding …

The newest addition of the Jak-130 family

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The newest addition of the Jak-130 family

The newest addition from ready2fly
When Vitaly Robertus won the Jet Championship in the scale class 2011 in Dayton with his Jak-130 in scale 1:4, this machine was known everywhere. After the championships, ready2fly contacted Vitaly …