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The big  sport jet

The big sport jet

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L-39 Albatros
There has been a growing trend towards big jet models, in the last years. Approaching the 25-kg-limit without exceeding it, that’s the key issue. But it won’t always work, that’s for sure. We have …

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RC TURBINE – Jets & Helicopter 2018

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RC TURBINE – Jets & Helicopter 2018

The buyer’s guide and current overview about turbines, impeller, turbine-models (helicopter, jets, turboprops) and accessories!

  • 25 models in portrait
  • news & trends 2018
  • turbine overview
  • all news of JetPower Fair 2017

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Scale for the cockpit

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Scale for the cockpit

Ejection seat ACES II from bingo-rc
Cockpit installation in our jets has become customary, not only for competition pilots, who are the first point of attention for the viewers. Let’s be honest, even the greatest paint …

Optimal safety for small jets

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Jeti Central Box 100
I have heard many times about the Jeti Central Boxes CB 200 and CB 400, but the Central Box 100 was a mere accidental discovery. I am about to build a relatively …

Vertical take-off aircraft

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Vertical take-off aircraft

Scale-F-35B in DYI construction
The project F-35B started five years ago. Joel Vlashof was a member at his domestic club Ornithos. Although the nice gras airfield is maintained perfectly, the gras was a disturbing factor, the …

A jet trainer for every day

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A jet trainer for every day

Schockjet from Laser- und Frässervice Tros
Flying of jet models is fascinating, the sound, the flight behavior, the smell and the handling of the turbine technology cause much enthusiasm. That’s why I fly jet models with …

Hot sections perfectly painted

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Hot sections perfectly painted

Hot colors
It’s incredible, how fast time flies. 12 years ago I wrote an article for the JetPower about the painting of annealing colors, referring to the BVM F-100. The painting and grinding technique I presented …

Shadow becomes light

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Shadow becomes light

Lambert Kolibri turbines
In the last issue of the JETPOWER I reported about the models Stinger and Kolibri Jet from Minijets. Both models have in common, that I have installed the T-35 Kolibri turbines from Martin …

A small full-GRP jet from Minijets

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A small full-GRP jet from Minijets

The Kolibri Jet
My friend Torsten wanted to show me something at the JetPower Fair 2015. We went to see the Minijets booth and there it was: the Kolibri jet, in my eyes it looked like …

A new edition of the power pack

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A new edition of the power pack

Viper Jet from HSD
Those, who are familiar with the subject of electro impeller jets, know the Viper Jet. It initiated the growing-up of impeller jets. The optional green or red design became the example of …

JetPower archiv 2017

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JetPower 01/2017

Scene talk and news
Open your eyes
Trust is good, weighing is better
Welcome to Anji
1st Asian Jet Formation Cup
Bluetooth adapter from Xicoy
Turbine launching with your smartphone
Three-axis stabilising system from bavarianDEMON
The power package from Schübele
Super Scorpion
The …

The powerful EDF from Schübeler

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The powerful EDF from Schübeler

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Impeller DS-215- DIA HST
The history
If you want to take a look at the story about how practicable impeller systems …